Coffee Shop in Sedona 86336

A Community Business Platform

Synergy’s back of the house kitchen is currently home to three independent, female-led businesses in Sedona, Arizona: Chocolita (Sarah Anne Lesslie), Communal Uprising (Shari Flam), and Synergy Herbals (Sierra Shafer). Our shared kitchen is a space of cooperation and master-minding – a business model that fosters the sharing of entrepreneurial knowledge and the enjoyment of working in community. We have discovered that together we can learn, grow, inspire, and maximize our greatest potential in unison.

Synergy, Sierra Shafer

“Synergy” was started by Sierra Shafer in June of 2018. As the proprietor of Synergy Lounge, Synergy Herbals, and Epiphany Herbals, Sierra works tirelessly to provide the highest quality available in her coffee house menu of 36 drinks, as well as in her continuously expanding line of house-made products like CBD oils, salves, herbal tinctures and more.

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Chocolita, Sarah Anne Lesslie

Sarah is our house pioneer of raw chocolate, specializing in herbal-infused cacao. She’s been using the space of this kitchen since back when it the home of Lulu’s Chocolate, and she truly is a team player. To learn more about Sarah and her incredible coconuts sugar-sweetened, low-glycemic, organic chocolate, check out her website at

Communal Uprising

Shari Flam is our house gem master creator of a very unique cacao experience unlike any you’ve ever tasted. Primarily honey-sweetened, her house-made goods range as much in variety as they do from cacao sourced from around the world. Learn more about her flavors and her true passion at


By sharing a commercial kitchen, our 3 businesses minimize both our environmental impact and expenses. We collectively adhere to sustainable business practices, thereby minimizing environmental footprint and waste.